Sunday's farmer's market

Sleeping-in on days off is one of my favoritte treats to myself. So even though this Sunday I really wanted to go to the farmers market and check out what Ventura county farmers have to sell, I woke up late and was only able to finally roll into the COC's parking lot after 10:30 am. The pickings were indeed slim. Still undeterred I made my way through the mini labyrinth of empty or emptying stands to find a couple of ladies selling some very sweet and crisp Fuji apples. As the ladies mentioned to an inquisitve buyer, the apples weren't freshly picked but instead came from their storage facility in Santa Paula, no matter because their fruit was delicious and the perfect size too.
The next produce stand featured some very fresh cauliflower, broccoli and artichoke. Matchmaking thoughts kicked in immediately, I knew that the Comte cheese in my fridge would find the 1lb cauliflower I picked the perfect mate for a warm au gratin.
Another 10 minutes of walking around and I was ready to bring my finds home and show off my late-morning-market-run finds:

Tart and yet sweet blood oranges $2/pound
Marjoram -for some chicken thighs waiting in my freezer $1.50/ bunch
Purple potatoes $1/lb
Natural flame raisins. $2/ 1/2lb-these were truly delicious and unlike their shrivelled supermarket relatives they still had some of the grapes original plumpness.


Steve said...

Wow, sounds like quite the collection of different fruits and veggies. Nice score.

Do you like the farmer's market better than the produce at Whole Foods?

SCVfeedbag said...

Hello Steve,
Thanks for noticing my post.
To answer your question the best part about buying fruit and veggies at the farmer's market is that I can just go and buy what is locally grown and in season. That is why despite the fact that I do shop at the local supermarkets WF included, most times in the competition for my money "conventionally grown in Chile" produce easily loses to "conventionally grown in Ojai" produce.