Yaki-kui: the fun part of paying for food

Yaki-kui is the first place where I have ever cooked my own meat and paid somebody to let me do it. It was worth it! I went last Friday and between 6 people had more meat than should be allowed. But I also tried most of the other items on the menu.

My favorite appetizer item: the grilled/spicy/creamy mussels appetizers with a hot smooth sake shot.

My favorite meat to grill: Japanese marinade chicken (although the miso marinaded beef was very tasty too)

My favorite part of the meal: forcing my friends to eat as they insisted I should try their cooking with equal determination.

Yaki-kui is located in the Canyon Country part of Santa Clarita. The restaurant's name is Japanese -Korean and means grill-grill. As my Japanese friends explain, these type of restaurants/eating experiences in Japan are called yakiniku and elsewhere are called "Japanese bbq"

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